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What to Expect

If you're a new Calypso programmer and you need to get up and running fast, then you came to the right place!

In this series of lessons, you will learn a variety of skills needed to create fully-functional CMM programs.

During Basic Programs 1 and 2, we'll cover how to:

  • Import and manipulate a CAD model
  • Change the CAD model orientation and appearance
  • Set up the Base Alignment
  • Set up Clearance Planes
  • Create features from CAD
  • Adjust probing strategy
  • Report diameters & position
  • Report distances
  • Apply scan filters
  • Run the program with a manual alignment
  • Change the toolbar icons
  • Create a polyline scan
  • Measure radii
  • Adjust circle scan parameters
  • Measure part length and width
  • Measure depths
  • Report flatness & parallelism
  • Generate graphical form plots
  • Understand the Run Window

In the Intermediate Programs 1 and 2, you'll learn how to:

  • Measure an angle
  • Distance to intersect point
  • Radius size and location (short arc)
  • Cone intersect diameter
  • Slot size
  • Understand distance to plane
  • Secondary Alignments
  • Probing from the side of the part
  • Symmetry line
  • Rotational Pattern
  • Composite Position on Threaded Holes
  • Bolt circle
  • Roundness with Graphical Plots
  • Runout
  • And other useful tips!

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